What does the platform offer to Acharya? Why can’t one procure one’s own web tools and do it alone?

Acharya’s courses will receive visibility from students attending other courses. He/She can expand his/her student base. Coordination and/or facilitation of the course work is provided optionally. This is in addition to the tool development, maintenance and support work provided for smooth functioning .

What is the eligibility criteria for an Acharya?

For shaastra courses :  minimum requirement is to pass Advanced Sanskrit proficiency test.

For other courses : referral from another Acharya who is already on board is required.

What is the eligibility criteria for admission of Students to a course?

This differs from course to course it will be in line with the pre-requisite conditions from Acharya.

Every course comes with a proficiency test. Student can learn about the course by attempting the test (to check their level of knowledge).

Bharatiyavijnan.org will be the de facto standard for finding people with certain proficiency level in a certain BharatiyaVijnan subject.

Acharyas will be rated and students will be evaluated and the records are maintained.

How does Bharatiyavijnan.org build and nurture Guru-Shishya relationship?

Acharya can engage his/her senior disciples in teaching assistance, material preparation, evaluation, and mentoring newer students.

In offline gurukulas, the help a shishya gets from his acharya, creates a lifelong bond of respect and friendship between the two. How will that happen via Bharatiyavijnan.org?

Any novel ideas from Acharya are welcome. This will be kept in mind always as to how to fill the gap. It is a learning process for everyone and can be addressed only through experience at a later stage.

Is there any mentoring to groom Acharyas in effective teaching?

Sharing of their experience among Acharyas and feedback from students will be reviewed,  brainstormed and possible solutions incorporated to improve the effectiveness.

How is it different from UnAcademy?

UnAcademy courses are mostly exam oriented like CBSE, SSC (schooling), UPSC, IIT–JEE, NEET, CAT, CS, CA (professional entrance exams) etc.

How is it different from Vyoma labs?

Unlike Vyoma labs, here the course will always be in the name of the Acharya, not Bharatiyavijnan.org

What is the exit policy? (if an Acharya wants to move out of Bharatiyavijnan.org)

The Acharya can download all his material (videos, etc.) and use it elsewhere, after a cool off period of 3 months. There will be no further liability.

Can I participate in the backend running of Bharatiyavijnan.org as a facilitator, coordinator, etc?

Yes with some training. To facilitate a subject, you need to take the course’s proficiency test and score a minimum score set by the Acharya.

What’s the remuneration policy for karyakartas?

It is a revenue sharing model, based on the share of effort.

How is the platform convenient for an Acharya?

The Acharya has an option to restrict himself/herself to teaching only. Everything else (including materials, evaluation, reviews) can be supported by assistants. Terms and conditions need to be reviewed and agreed upon upfront.

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