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Universal Sociology

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Course Overview

Sociology is the mother of all social sciences., the
crucible from which they have emerged. It deals with the eternal questions
around understanding the individual, society, the inevitable tension and
necessary equilibrium which has to exist between them.

This subject has its
roots in the post-Industrial Revolution chaos in Europe. In recent times it has
become a bastion of “Woke” theories.

 In the Indian
context this is where the finely honed weapons to be used against it within the
rubric of “caste”, “gender” “exploitative structure of society” etc. come from.
If the mainstream narrative throws words like “Critical Race Theory”, “Brahmin
Privilege”, “Patriarchy”, “Intersectionality”, “Deconstruction of Indian
Mythology” at you, how do you understand and critique these ideas?

It is important for the
contemporary seeker of knowledge to cut through the jargon and reach the heart
of the matter, recognise the roots and applications of Eurocentric theories.

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