CATEGORY: Dr. Ketu RamchandraSekhar

Kashmir’s theory of consciousness- Pratyabhijna-Hrdayam

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This curriculum offers the Indic approach to the critical study of the Pratyabhijna philosophy, which is the most fully developed body of teachings in non-dual Śaiva Tantra-Agama. The rich corpus of Agama and Tantra literature and Practices has impacted more directly on the spiritual outlook and religious adherences, rather silently than other influences. The course would walk the learner through the gamut of this rich literary treasure and use the primer text ‘Pratyabhijnahrdaya’ of Rājānaka Kṣemarāja for structuring the learning material. While the attempt is to stay as true to the original author’s vision, this course attempts to make a meaningful contribution to the spiritual dimension of human life. It does not merely report what was taught by scholar-philosophers in the Valley of Kashmir 1,000 years ago; it also attempts to show how, what Kṣemarāja wrote, constitutes a cutting-edge contribution to spiritual discourse in the current age by unpacking his meaning in terms of concepts, metaphors, and analogies that are current in our present culture.

Thorough research has gone into the design of the curriculum.

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