CATEGORY: Prof. Anupama Ryali

Aparṇājatilam (The discourse between Aparṇā and the Celibate)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Aparṇājatilam (अपर्णाजटिलम्) is from the fifth canto of Kālidāsa’s Kumarasambhavam. Aparṇā, daughter of Himavan and Mena, follows rigid austerities while performing penance in the scorching sun-heat, calm winter waters, and heavy downpours. Lord Śiva, pleased with her penance, enters her hermitage in the guise of a young celibate. His criticism of Śiva, Aparṇā’s reply to that and Lord Śiva’s revelation of himself are the contents of Aparṇājatilam.

Kālidāsa’s description and style undoubtedly add beauty to the discourse.

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