Namaste Aachaarya(a)!

We invite you as a yajamaana(a) in this Vijnana-yajna!

We share with you the conviction in the Bharatiya-vidyaas and its vernacular knowledge systems and in an attempt to provide the platform for you to propagate your knowledge to eligible pupils, we offer you the online space, time and tools that will aid in reaching out to shishyas all over the globe.

On the Bharatiya-vijnana portal, you may choose to provide fully online courses / programs with / without assessments from the options of

  • Running your own Gurukula on a long-term basis
  • Running short courses for as less as 15 hours to year long ones
  • Engaging single / mutiple batches of learners over different times zones in one or more courses
  • Creating self paced recorded video based course with / without interactive review sessions
  • Create a one time interactive online course / program and use the platform for re-run of the course / program with / without interactive review sessions
  • Run topic based webinars / workshops / knowledge events and use the platform to provide related resources to the participants for limited / unlimited period of time
  • Convert knowledge based events in to short term courses with / without assessments / interactive reviews
  • Conduct online exams / assignments / projects / quizzes / viva voce and assessments for courses / programs run in / outside the BV portal
  • Conduct interactive classes for music / dance / painting / public speaking / drama and all performing arts based in traditional / classical systems of arts
  • Offer a la carte courses out of those forming part of larger programs, individually and as customized bundles


As an Aachaarya(a), this portal will be a personal institute that you may manage on your own. However, for your convenience, the portal provides charged services of –

  • Arranging logistics of creating meeting links and managing the calendar of the scholars and learners of courses / programs
  • Procuring video / teaching material / reference material from the scholar and posting them on the LMS
  • Procuring assessment material from the scholars and creating quizzes / assignments / projects / exams etc. and reminding the scholars for grading, and if qualified teaching assistants are available, getting them graded
  • Creating reminders for accessing the videos and managing the calendar of scholars and learners of courses / programs for live interactive review sessions in self paced courses and if qualified teaching assistants are available, conducting such review sessions
  • Creating outreach content in the form of flyers / video clips / brochures etc. on BVP templates to post on BVP social media


Terms and conditions –

  1. The content that the scholar posts on the portal will be jointly owned by the scholar and BVP
  2. The scholar may re-use the content provided on BVP by him / her elsewhere but reference materials created using BV templates remain to be the sole properties of BV and cannot be shared elsewhere outside BV
  3. The scholar may run the same course(s) / program(s) outside of BV on disengaging with BV, but after a cooling off period of 3 months
  4. A dedicated program / course will be created for the scholar in BV (Moodle based) LMS wherein the scholar will be enrolled and the learners will be self-enrolled in the courses from BV portal into the respective courses / programs
  5. The scholar is expected to accept the terms and conditions of BV after carefully understanding the pricing model
  6. Creation of outreach material using BV template is free of charge and posting of it on BV social media will be a free service


If you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, please fill out the Scholar Registration Form

If you need any clarification please leave a message in the below form


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Bharatiya Vijnan