Vedic Scientific Thinking


Modern-day parents want their children to imbibe scientific thinking and be innovators in whatever area they choose to pursue. However, today’s school education system focuses on informing the findings of science but not the method of scientific thinking and model-based reasoning in a formal way. India’s traditional education system used to have formal training in thorough mastery over language, vocabulary, and poetic stories followed by the study of Nyaaya (logic) and Saankhya shastras (cosmology). They equipped the student with systematic models to make logical sense of the world from matter to consciousness in one sweep. Their study hones three key skills of scientific thinking, namely, abstraction, classification, and inference essential to become a creative scientist. The study of entertaining stories in pleasing, high-quality language helps one develop a keen aesthetic sense and sensitivity to both nature and fellow beings which is the basis of empathy and ethics.

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